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Fat Witch Bakery, New York

Last week Cameron and my dad, traveled to New York. Unfortunately I had school and work so I wasn’t able to make the trip, but I will most definitely tag along for the next one! They visited Chelsea Market which is filled with small bakeries and little food shops and they happily brought a piece of New York back home to me. I was gifted with a brownie mix from Fat Witch Bakery, known for “New York City’s Legendary Brownie!”

Chelsea Market New York Fat Witch Brownie Bakery

{Left: Inside Fat Witch• Middle: Self explanatory • Right: Outside of Chelsea Market}

Those pictures above were taken with my dad’s iPhone 5!’s crazy to see the advancements of cell phone cameras today. 0.0

Chelsea Market New York Fat Witch Brownie Bakery

Halloween Fall Owl decorated brownies treats

Brownies are not the most photogenic dessert so I turned their plain look into an adorable big-eyed baby owl (inspired by the internet). (: The picture above explains what you need to create the owl…a brownie, oreos, a little frosting, and reese’s pieces!

Halloween Fall Owl decorated brownies treats

Dear Fat Witch,

I do agree with NYC when they say you have a legendary brownie. It was so rich, buttery, and dense, it melted in my mouth. I loved the intense cocoa flavor with the thick fudge-like texture. Ah my mouth is watering!! When I travel to New York one day, I cannot wait to go to Chelsea Market and try your signature flavors like “Blonde Witch” and “Caramel Witch.” I am jealous of my family for being able to be in your bakery! I promise myself I will too, one day…

Halloween Fall Owl decorated brownies treats

Heh the owl is so cute! I’m in brownie heaven with these Fat Witch brownies!! I indulged myself goood today! Did you?

Love, Keeks

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